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This is not an automatically generated report full of useless fluff and filler. My reports are the best in the business. I'll spend an hour on your website (and your competitors) to show you exactly what needs to be done to get your site to page 1 in less than 60 days.

Inside you'll learn:

1. How to find your golden keywords in your niche which are easy to rank for.

2. How to fx your on page SEO and make your website 100% Google friendly.

3. How to create keyword optimized content that ranks fast.

4. How build backlinks that beat the competition and push you up to #1.

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SEO Services Report
Carl Reed SEO Services

Looking For a UK SEO Expert Who Can
Explode Your Google Traffic?

If so - get your free SEO report today and I'll show you how to 10X your rankings, traffic, leads & sales from Google in less than 60 days...

Hi, I'm Carl and I've been ranking UK websites for over 8 years, in that time I've helped my customers generate over 120,000 leads, thousands of #1 rankings, well over a million website visitors and more than £500,000 in online sales - all from SEO... and I could do the same for you.

Quick question... Who would you rather work with? An unaccountable, overpriced SEO agency who hides behind a faceless logo and outsources your work abroad, a sales rep who'll promise you the world but can't tell his arse from his elbow when it comes to ranking in Google, or a freelance SEO who'll put his name on the line to provide you a results guaranteed or your money back SEO service?

If it's the latter - you're on the right page ;)





Everything you need to know to rank your website on the 1st page of Google, including:

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SEO Client Review

Sajjad Shan

SEO, Solicitor Firm, City of London

"Excellent SEO work to date from Carl. Our website is already showing significant performance in the rankings."

Denby Liddelow

Private Tutor, Camridge

"Carl provided a very helpful SEO report that offers genuine insights into my website with many helpful tips about steps needed to improve rankings, all laid out in straight forward language and easy to read. Carl's report is significantly more detailed than other generic reports I've been offered by competitors and his approach is much more personal."

SEO Service Review
SEO Agency Keyword Research


If you've not done proper keyword research yet... don't even think about paying for SEO. While all of your competition are spending money hand over fist competing for the most competitive keywords in your niche, I'll show you how to save time and money with a few clever tricks that uncover the keywords which your competition have missed, these keywords are easy to rank for and the visitors they bring convert like crazy.

SEO Company Optimization


Is your website code a mess? Do you have the crucial 'behind the scenes' files required for a Google friendly website? Are you fully integrated with Google Search Console? Do you have broken links and missing meta tags? I'll dive into your websites code and check some key tech factors that are often overlooked and could be breaking your Google rankings.

SEO Service - Keywords
SEO Freelance Backlinks


Are your web pages properly optimized for your keywords? Did you know that you could increase your rankings by simply changing a few words on a page? I'll review your on page SEO and keyword optimization for every page on your site and show you some simple and easy to implement tweaks you can make that could double your rankings in days not months.


Backlinks are the backbone of your SEO strategy... you just can't rank without them. I'll do a full audit of your websites current link profile and show you what need to be done to shoot your website past your competition and into the lucrative top spots for your keywords. I'll also reverse engineer your competitions backlinks so we can copy their link sources and literally steal their rankings.

SEO Agency Review

Mike Burnitt

Business HR Consultant

"We appointed Carl as approved SEO provider to McKenzie LLP in September 2015. His work has been excellent. He does what he says he will do and on time.
Excellent *****"

SEO Company Review

Alan Conway

Professional Dog Trainer

"Carl comes across as someone who is very enthusiastic and knowledgable in his chosen field.

Having just read his report on my website, I feel pretty confident that after some three to four years of suffering with so called SEO experts who achieved very little in terms of results, here at last it seems I may have found someone who is genuinely able to produce the goods!"

SEO Agency Feedback

Luis Cardoso

CEO, Gallis Fashion, London

"Carl is by far when of the most informative and patient guys I have worked with when it comes to SEO. Whilst other people all gave me huge quotes, Carl simply and honestly told me I didn't need to spend money on certain things and his quote was much less then anyone else.

He got to the route of all my issues but most all of advised me on how I can work on it myself which was the best part. You will not be disappointed!"

SEO Company Testimonial

Barrie Peachey

CEO, Drainage Company, Kent

"Recently hired Carl to create a new landing page, google adwords and sort out our SEO.

Fantastic service, always available by phone or email New landing page looks fantastic and we have gone straight to number 1 on google across a number of different searches.

After only a week of the changes going live we have noticed increased hits on the site and more calls for business as a result.

Would highly recommend Carl's services if you are looking to improve your business through your website."

Andrew Hunter

Chiropractor, London

"Many thanks to Carl for his great work on my website. My website looked OK but didn't get much traffic. Carl was able to explain what needed to be done and helped me with the changes."

SEO Service Review
Local SEO Feedback

Hal Kaye

CEO, Stove Installation Company, East Sussex

"Hey Carl, You are in deed a man of substance. I have noticed a sharp increase in sales and inquiries. I really appreciate all you have done. Please keep in touch, as to what long term things we should be doing to keep me up in the rankings? Thanks again."

Search Engine Optimization Review

Jack Afonso

Interior Designer, London

"We have been thoroughly impressed with Carl's knowledge and understanding of how to raise our company profile online. He has been readily available even during the weekends to talk to us, to give full and detailed explanations of what steps we need to do next in order to improve our business profile and how he can help.

His detailed and tailored SEO report which he talked us through via an online meeting was most comprehensive. He clearly knows his stuff and we are excited about working with him further."

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